We aim to revolutionize clinical chemistry by replacing conventional blood tests with more accessible and less invasive diagnostic methods via dermal interstitial fluid.

With further funding, we plan to expand our lab, enhance our engineering team, and collaborate with both government and business sectors. DermiSense envisions a future where diagnostics are quick, affordable, and pain-free, benefiting people in remote areas and those with a fear of needles, while significantly cutting healthcare costs.

Our Core Values

Quality First

Quality isn't just a goal; it's our foundation. We understand that people rely on our technology for crucial health decisions. This responsibility ensures that every aspect of our technology meets the highest standards of reliability and effectiveness.

Collaborative Dialogue

At DermiSense, we believe in active listening, humility, candidness, and mutual respect. These principles not only enhance our internal teamwork but also strengthen our relationships with partners and clients.

Follow Through

We are committed to building trust with our customers and amongst ourselves through consistent follow-through. Meeting expectations is our norm, ensuring that our clients and partners can always rely on us.

Best Teams Win

We view our company as a collective where teamwork is paramount. We value the collective over individual superstars, knowing that the best outcomes arise from collaborative efforts.

Leadership Team

Michael Daniele, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

John Strang

Chief Executive Officer

Casey Boutwell, Ph.D., MBA

Government Growth Advisor